Forcing Bulbs ? ?

In Winter Months I Like To Force Bulbs Indoor, Which Fills My Home With Blossoms. It’s Very Easy To Do With Just A Few Simple Steps. You Will Need To Chill The Bulbs If They’ve Not Already Been Chilled. Place Them In The Crisper Drawer Of Your Refrigerator For At Least 5 Weeks (Keep Them Away From Any Produce). Wear Gloves When Handling The Bulbs. Fill A Forcing Vase To Just Below The Cup Where The Bulb Will Rest. Place The Bulb In The Cup, Root End Down And Growing End Up So The Bulb Base Is Barely Touching The Water. Place The Vase On A Sunny Windowsill And Watch As It Begins To Bloom. Periodically Change The Water And Keep The Water Level At The Base Of The Bulb. Turn Each Day To Keep It Growing Upright. Forced Bulbs Don’t Usually Make The Transition To The Outside Garden So When They’re Done Throw Them In The Compost Bin.

“Work With What You Got!”

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