Get A Head Start

Get A Head Start

Get A Head Start

Relax and enjoy festivities by prepping the basics a few days ahead.

Vegetables: Cut or chop vegetables such as carrots and onions. Wrap cut or chopped vegetables in plastic wrap or put into plastic containers and refrigerate. Keep bags of baby-cut carrots and frozen vegetables on hand for last-minute additions to your meal.

Seasonings: Mix together herbs and spices and keep in a small bowl or plastic storage bag. Keep ready-to-use jars of minced garlic and canned chopped chile peppers on hand for extra flavor without extra chopping.

Liquids: Measure out broth, juices, or wine. Cover and refrigerate.

Meats: Stock your freezer with diced cooked chicken, cooked meatballs and ground beef and sausage so you can start an easy dinner anytime during busy party seasons or holidays.

Cheese: Purchase shredded cheese in lots of flavors to make easy, creamy dips to tide everyone over before dinner.

Sides: Keep frozen rolls or biscuits on hand so you can pop them into the oven to heat while your dinner finishes cooking. This is especially helpful is you are using your slow-cooker.

“Work With What You Got!”

© Victoria Hart Glavin Tiny New York Kitchen

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