Oven As A File Cabinet?

Oven As A File Cabinet?

Oven File CabinetLots of New Yorkers don't cook and some use their ovens as a file cabinet. When I first moved to NYC I sublet an UWS apt from a mean and nasty woman who was a producer at CBS. Wherever I'm living, no matter how tiny, I cook. This woman assured me that not once in the 35 years that she had lived in the apt had she turned on the oven. It was a good thing that I opened the oven BEFORE turning it on because there in the oven were tons of filled file folders with bills and receipts from many many years. I had to bake the cookies that I just prepared so I thought for two seconds about what to do and pulled the files all out, opened up the trash bin and threw them all out. Seriously, who keeps 20 year old files in the oven?

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