Homemade Self-Rising Flour

September 25, 2015

If a recipe calls for self-rising flour then don’t panic. There’s no need to run out to the grocery store searching the shelves for it because all you need to do is add baking powder and salt to the flour. Homemade self-rising flour can be used in any recipe that...

All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour

December 16, 2014

I get many requests for gluten-free recipes. There is no need to purchase those gluten-free box mixes that line the supermarket shelves. It’s easy to make your own All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour. When converting a recipe to gluten-free, you may want to increase the egg amount by adding one extra egg...

A Few Words About Flour

January 18, 2014

A Few Words About Flour Playing with different flours in your favorite recipes can create new flavors, aromas and textures. Try using a little of another kind of flour in recipes that call for refined white flours; aside from having less flavor, white flour has been stripped of most of...

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