The Difference Between Chili Powder & Chile Powder

Chili Powder 2


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Chili Powder 2

The Difference Between Chili Powder & Chile Powder

I’ve been making a lot of chili these cold winter days and use quite a bit of Chili Powder. It’s easy to get confused between Chili Powder and Chile Powder.  Chili powder with an “I” is not the same as chile powder with an “e.” Chili Powder is usually a blend of ground milk dried chiles and spices like cumin, peppercorns, and salt. Hot chili powder contains cayenne as well. Pure chile powders are ground solely from a specific kind of chile with no additional ingredients. I like to use chili powder as the backbone spice of my chili, while pure chile powders let me add exactly the additional kind of chile flavor that I want. You can find pure chile powders at most supermarkets, ranging from the moderately hot pasilla, ancho, and New Mexico, to the super hot chipotle and cayenne. Aside from heat, you will find different degrees of smoky and fruity flavors. The best way to get to know their flavor profiles is to experiment cooking with them.  


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