A Word About Vacuum Sealers

A Word About Vacuum Sealers

A Word About Vacuum Sealers

Freezing is an easy way to enjoy fruits and vegetables from gardens or farmers’ markets well into the winter.  There are a variety of freezer bags to use for storing and freezing.  I think that using a vacuum sealer is the best freezer method out there.  Vacuum sealers protect foods by removing the extra air and creating a tight teal.  If you want to preserve your fruits, vegetables, and meats through long-term freezing, a vacuum sealer is an investment to consider.  Conventional storage bags and containers trap air in the container with the food, which can cause damage from frost and freezer burn.  Because the sealer sucks all the air out of the bag before creating a tight seal, the food in the bags is better protected against the elements.  A vacuum sealer costs between $75 and $200 and requires the purchase of special bags designed for this use.  Besides preserving garden produce, this is a great tool to help you maximize the shelf life of other food items you buy in bulk at club stores or on sale. 

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