Basic Seafood Cooking Rules

Basic Seafood Cooking Rules

Basic Seafood Cooking Rules

Keep your fish or shellfish in the refrigerator until right before you cook it to keep it as fresh as possible. Don’t leave it siting on the counter while you prepare the rest of the meal.

Don’t work in the same area with raw seafood and cooked seafood. There is too much danger of cross contamination.

Cook seafood with the skin on whenever possible and appropriate. It helps fillets and steaks hold their shape and keeps moisture in whole fish. Make two or three shallow slashes across the skin of the fillet or whole fish to prevent the fish from curling while cooking.

If you are baking fish that is of different thicknesses, as in fillets that taper to very thin ends, fold the thin ends under so they won’t overcook.

Try to turn fish just once, if at all, during the cooking process so there is less risk of it falling apart.

If cooking fish in a coating or batter, use small or thin pieces so both batter and fish cook at the same rate.

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