Broccoli is a plant in the cabbage family with tight heads of green, purple, or white flower buds that are cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Broccoli comes from the Latin brachium, “strong arm/strong branch,” and comes from a reference to its shape. Broccoli is the Italian plural of broccoli, “cabbage sprout/head,” and literally means “little shoots.”

When shopping for broccoli look for heads that are dark green or purplish and tightly clustered. The stalks should be fresh looking and not tough or woody.

Refrigerate broccoli for up to five days in a perforated bag. Broccoli can be blanched and frozen for up to 1 year.

To remove dirt simply soak a head of broccoli upside down in a bowl of cold water for 20 minutes. Cut or peel off any stalk parts that are tough. Cut into spears. Broccoli can be precooked by blanching or parboiling.

Eat more broccoli!

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