Cut Your Cooking Time In Half

Cut Your Cooking Time In Half

Cut Your Cooking Time In Half

Let’s face it. It takes time to cook and many of us are so incredibly busy during the day that there never seems to be enough time to cook delicious and healthy meals. We all know that it’s so much better to eat a home cooked meal nightly, but when families get home after work it might seem so much easier to order out. Here are a few tips to help make cooking at home easier. It’s mostly about planning ahead which takes the guesswork out of cooking nightly meals.

Stock Up Weekly. It’s important to plan ahead. Make a list and purchase enough groceries to get you through the week. A last minute trip to the store is a big headache.

Stock Your Pantry & Fridge. It’s so much easier to cook a meal when you have a fridge and pantry stocked with nourishing foods that are ready to cook. For example having cans of tuna, jars of olives, and dried pasta in your pantry means you can cook up a quick tuna & olive pasta dish. I also make sure to have cans of crushed tomatoes on hand for a quick pasta sauce.

Find Sister Recipes. Dishes that feature similar ingredients make planning, buying, and prep much easier. For example, you could make a big batch of brown rice to serve with a stir-fry one night, and save extras to use in burritos later in the week. 

Prep Ahead. Prep is probably the biggest time consumer in cooking. Do all of your chopping and measuring when you have time. This way later in the week when you’re spread thin you will be able to whip together a meal in minutes. 

Buy Some Time! If you have room in your budget, pick up pre-washed, pre-chopped fruits and vegetables. Use packaged or frozen vegetables. They are already the perfect size and cut for most recipes. 

Make Your Own Frozen Meals. The next time you create a tasty meal, consider doubling the recipe. I do this often. Leftovers can be portioned out into individual containers and placed in the freezer for quick weeknight dinners and easy take to work or school lunches. 

Use the Microwave. Microwaving a potato takes less than half the time of baking in the oven. Just poke a few holes in it with a fork and cook it on high for about 10 minutes. You can also steam vegetables and other dishes in just mere minutes in the microwave too. 

 "Work With What You Got!"

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