It is truly a sign of spring when Fiddleheads appear. Fiddleheads (Ostrich Fern) have a striking appearance, which looks like the neck of a fiddle and tastes somewhere between green beans and asparagus.

Fiddleheads are best served simply. Sauté with a bit of butter and an allium, such as garlic, shallots, or minced onion.

When purchasing fiddleheads, look for fresh bright green, tightly coiled plants. If you see browning that is a sign of age. You’ll want to avoid the browned ones.

To prepare for cooking, wash about 1 1/4 pounds of fiddleheads in cold water and rub away any papery “scales,” then trim the ends. Because the plants are wild, it is wise to make sure they are thoroughly cooked before serving, to avoid the possibility of a food borne illness. The best method is to boil them in salted water for about 10 minutes and then sauté them.

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