Halloween Pumpkins

A knife and a melon baller are all you need to make this Halloween “Boo!” decoration idea using pumpkins.

What You Need:

4 Pumpkins

1 Melon Baller

Petroleum Jelly

Votive Candles, Tea Lights or Small Flashlights

How To Make It:

Cut a smallish lid off of each pumpkin and scoop seeds from pumpkins.

Sketch letter of word B-O-O=! on the four pumpkins.

Using melon baller create dots that make up the letters B-O-O.

Using a knife cut out the exclamation point.

Brush all cut edges of pumpkins with petroleum jelly to prevent them from drying out.

Line pumpkins up on your porch or wherever you would like to display them. It’s best to use candles for pumpkins you display outdoors, and small flight lights when decorating indoors. 

Always supervise and help young children when they are working with sharp materials. 

"Work With What You Got!"

© Victoria Hart Glavin

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