Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin Butter

Fall squash transforms into a rich, smooth spread laced with apple cider, honey, and plenty of warm spices. Many eat it at breakfast, spreading a spoonful on cream cheese topped toast. This delicious preserve is the perfect vehicle for adding complex pumpkin flavor to almost anything. Stir it into whipped cream for a mouse-like dessert or coffee topper. Add a large dollop to your favorite pancake batter for an autumnal twist. Or go savory and melt some into a mixture of browned butter, sage, shallots, and crushed red pepper for an addictive pasta sauce.

You may also want to make pumpkin butter with other squashes as well. Butternut Squash is nutty and lightly sweet with a creamy texture. Delicata Squash has a flavor reminiscent of sweet potatoes with a fine, smooth texture. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin has a dense and very sweet pumpkin flavor with an earthy, savory finish.


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