Cheese & Cauliflower Soup

October 12, 2011

Cheese & Cauliflower Soup

I love soups! I love it when the weather turns cool so that I can whip up soups galore. Here is a nice cool weather soup that I think you will like.


1 Trimmed And Diced Cauliflower

1Diced Onion

6 Cups Chicken Stock

2 Tablespoons Butter

1 Tablespoon Unbleached Flour

1 Cup Milk

1 Cup Grated Cheddar Cheese

¼ Teaspoon Salt

¼ Teaspoon Freshly Ground Pepper

1 Teaspoon Chives

In a medium pan cook the cauliflower and the onion in the chicken stock for 35 minutes on medium high heat. Remove from the stove and pour the liquid, the cauliflower and the onion into a food processor. Pulse long enough to puree the cauliflower and onion. If you do not have a food processor then you may use a blender for this procedure. Heat the butter in the same pan that you cooked the cauliflower in and blend in the flour. Cook on low for 1 minute making sure to stir constantly. Stir in the milk and stir some more. Add the pureed cauliflower and onion and combine with the milk mixture. Add the salt and pepper. Blend in the cheese and cook for 1 more minute on low. Serve in soup bowls and garnish with chives. Serves 4

Welsh Rarebit

May 26, 2011

Welsh Rarebit

The first recorded use of the term Welsh Rabbit was in 1725.  It is said to be an ironic name coined in the days when the Welsh were notoriously poor and only well-to-do people could afford meat from the butcher.  In England rabbit was the poor man’s meat, but in Wales cheese was the poor man’s meat.  The slur against the Welsh was, “if a Welshman went rabbit hunting then this would be his supper.”


2 Tablespoons Butter

2 Tablespoons Flour

1 Tablespoon Mustard Powder

½ Teaspoon Cayenne

¾ Cup Dark Beer (Guinness)

2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

1 Pound Grated Semi-Hard Cheese (Cheddar, Double Gloucester, Comte, Gruyere)

4 to 8 Pieces Light Toasted Bread

Put the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.  When the butter melts stir in the flour.  Continue to cook for 5 minutes (stir occasionally) until golden brown and very fragrant.  Stir in the mustard and cayenne and then whisk in the beer & Worcestershire sauce.  When the mixture is uniform, turn heat to low and stir in the grated cheese.  Stir until smooth.  Remove from heat and pour into a bowl to set.  You can refrigerate for up to a day.  Spread the mixture thickly on toast and put under the broiler until bubbly and edges of the toast are crisp.  Serve immediately.  Serves 4

Baked Camembert

May 1, 2011

Baked Camembert

I discovered Baked Camembert while living in France. Baked Camembert is a great appetizer or can be eaten as a meal.


One 9 Ounce Camembert (In Wooden Box)

1 Peeled and Sliced Garlic Clove

½ Teaspoon Fresh Thyme Leaves

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Small Baguette (Cut into Slices)

2 Tablespoon Olive Oil

Extra Olive Oil For Brushing

Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 400° F.   Remove the camembert from the box and throw away any wax paper packaging.  Take a 10 inch square of foil and place in the wooden box.  Place the camembert back inside the box.  Pierce the top of the camembert with the tip of a knife and push in the slices of garlic along with thyme leaves.  Drizzle with honey.  Loosely scrunch the foil up over the cheese and set aside.  Brush two 12 inch square sheets, the size of your baking sheet, of parchment paper with oil.  Line the baking sheet with one of the oiled parchment sheets – oil side up.  Spread the slices of baguette over the sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with crushed sea salt.  Place the remaining sheet of parchment – oil side down – over the bread.  Place in the oven with the camembert and cook both for 10 minutes or until the cheese has risen and the bread is crisp.  Open up the foil and dip in the hot baguette.  This is delicious!  Serves 4

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