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Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

March 11, 2014

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks 1I had such a great time searching out the shelves at Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks. This place is my idea of heaven! I ventured out in the cold last week to look for a particular cookbook so took a trip down to the Village to Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks. I had such a great time looking at the wide variety of vintage cookbooks. Chris, who works at the shop, was delightful and very helpful. This store is MUCH better than Kitchen Arts & Letters! They are so much friendlier and don't give you attitude like KA&L does! I highly recommend check out this awesome store.

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks 163 West 10th Street          New York, NY 10014             (212) 989-8962        

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks 2

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Battery Place Market

February 16, 2013

Battery Place Market

First of all I just want to say that I WANT THIS MARKET IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!  Battery Park is so very lucky to have such a wonderful market to buy quality food at.  A couple of weeks ago Marketing Executive & Product Acquisitions VP, Frank Gelman, invited me to come downtown to the store to meet him, take a tour of the store and meet Executive Chef, Robert Sckalor.  Before my visit to the store I really didn’t have much of an idea what to expect.  Online photos and reviews about a place can be deceiving, but much to my surprise the beautiful photos and great reviews were all true. 


When I first walked in the door I was met by Mr. Gelman.  We had a friendly chat about the market and product acquisitions.  Then he took me on a tour of the store where I got to see beautiful displays and neatly stocked shelves.  The store was immaculately clean which is a big deal to me.  Who wants to go to a grocery store where you feel like you need to get your hepatitis shot before purchasing your weekly groceries?!  Battery Place Market is a true neighborhood market.  The shelves and displays are all made of  wood and glass.  The produce tells you what farm they are from which means that Battery Place Market is trying to purchase from local farms.  They have a nice selection of cheeses and meats along with great Maine coffee.  I even ran across Portuguese breakfast muffins from Fall River, MA that I picked up and sent to my Portuguese best friend who lives all the way across the country in the state of Washington.  She loved them by the way. 


Then I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Robert Sckalor who is an absolute delight.  This chef really loves what he does and it shows.  He creates all of the prepared foods that literally fly out the door.  The main and side dishes that he creates are worthy of any great restaurant.  When I was there in the mid-afternoon people were coming in and out picking up the delicious prepared foods.  Chef Robert even makes his own hummus that tasted delicious.  Everything is made from scratch and it all looks beautiful in the case.  When we were talking he was very excited about putting in a pasta station which I understand is now up and running. 


Battery Place Market is truly lucky to have Chef Robert who has been cooking for the last 37 years in such establishments as the Waldorf Astoria, Agata & Valentina and the Four Seasons.  He cooks what many consider the best prepared food in New York City.  The New York Times has even given him high marks for his incredible crab cakes.  From early morning breakfast sandwiches and frittatas that use only the finest artisanal ingredients, to lunch that includes hot dishes or delicious sandwiches  to picking up a dinner that has local or organic chicken, beef, fish, pork or vegetarian dishes that warm the heart and soul.  Chef Robert is the master creator and the love shines through. 


Some of the wonderful brands that  the market carries are: Broadbent Bacon; Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (my all-time fave!); Jacques Torres Chocolates; Stumptown Coffee; Van Leeuwin Artisan Ice Cream; Beehive Cheese; Sullivan Street Bakery; North Country Smoke House; Honey Locust Farm; Callie’s Biscuits; and I could go on and on.  Mr. Gelman is constantly rotating in products that he feels are of the highest quality and that are difficult to get anywhere in the city.  I was shocked to come across some of the brands that I had been searching out around the city. 


If you live in Battery Park then you know all about the market, but if you don’t and find yourself in the area make sure to stop in.  If you want an adventure outing them take a little day trip to the market.  It really isn’t that out of the way and the subway stops not too far from Battery Park.  I am extremely glad that Mr. Gelman invited me to the store and I want to thank him and Chef Robert for being such gracious hosts. 


Oh, and I forgot to mention that they also have a smaller store in the Goldman Sachs building.  Apparently, at both locations there are celebrity sightings galore, but you didn’t hear that from me.


Battery Place Market

Main Store

77 Battery Place

New York, NY  10280



Goldman Sachs Building

240 Murray Street

New York, NY  10282


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