English Chocolate Toffee Truffles

February 13, 2011

       English Chocolate Toffee Truffles INGREDIENTS ¼ Cup Heavy Cream ¼ Cup Whole Milk 1 Tablespoon English Toffee Syrup 6 (1 ounce) Squares Chopped Bittersweet Chocolate 4 (1ounce) Squares Chopped Milk Chocolate 8 Ounce Bag English Toffee Chips – Divided Combine cream, milk and English toffee syrup in a medium...

Veal Marsala

February 11, 2011

Veal Marsala INGREDIENTS ½ Ounces Dried Porcini Mushrooms ½ Cup Boiling Water ¼ Cup Unbleached Flour ¼ Teaspoon Salt ¼ Teaspoon Fresh Ground Pepper 1 Pound Veal Scallops – Pounded to 1/8 Inch Thickness 3 Teaspoons Olive Oil 10 Ounces Sliced Mushrooms 1 Finely Chopped Shallot 2 Cloves Minced Garlic...

Basic Chocolate Truffles

February 10, 2011

Basic Chocolate Truffles INGREDIENTS 2 Pounds Good Quality Chocolate 1 Quart Heavy Cream ¼ Pound Butter 1/3 Cup Grand Marnier (or liqueur of choice) Cocoa Powder Melt chocolate and cream over a double boiler and whisk in butter & liqueur.  Continue to whisk as the mixture cools and thickens.  Pour...

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