Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes have a distinctive sugary and spicy flavor, which makes them an excellent addition to many savory dishes. There are two types of this highly nutritious tuber. One has cream-colored flesh and the other has an orange flesh. The orange flesh variety has a higher nutritional content because it is richer in the antioxidant beta-carotene. Both types are a good source of potassium, and contain plenty of nutritional fiber, vitamin C and carbohydrate.

When buying sweet potatoes, choose small or medium-size specimens, as the larger ones tend to be rather fibrous. They should be firm and evenly shaped. Avoid any that seem withered, have damp patches or are sprouting. They will keep for about 8 days if stored in a cool place.

Sweet potatoes can be cooked in any of the ways you would cook ordinary potatoes – roasted, boiled, mashed or baked. They also make delicious fries. If baking, scrub the potatoes well and cook exactly as you would ordinary potatoes. To boil, either cook in their skins and remove them after cooking, or peel and place in acidulated water. This prevents them from turning brown.

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