Havarti Cheese & Brown Sugar Apple Toasties

Havarti Cheese & Brown Sugar Apple Toasties

Originally from Denmark, this semi-soft cheese is one of the most comforting and versatile around. Havarti is buttery and mild it does vary from sweet to somewhat sharp in the stronger varieties. It is typically aged for about three months. When the cheese is older, it becomes stronger and tastes a bit like hazelnuts. I’m loving it melted on thick toasted sandwiches, on ham sandwiches or in a gooey mac n’ cheese. Havarti was initially created in the mid-1800s by Hanne Nielsen, a Danish farmer’s wife, who traveled to many parts of the world exploring the art of cheese making. When she returned from her travels, she decided to experiment with different methods of making cheese and named her finest creation after the farm on which it was made. Havarti is a cow’s milk cheese characterized by little holes throughout. It’s creamy with a very light tang depending on its age, and is ideal for kids’ lunches. A good melting cheese, try it on toasted sandwiches, burgers or in omelets. Great accompaniments include figs, ham, smoked turkey, raisins, walnuts, hearty bread, pears, and apples. Here I’ve paired its mild flavor with sweet, vinegary apples for a lovely contrast of flavors.

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