Classic Navy Bean Soup

October 25, 2021

Autumn is here and I love that soup season is here. This bean soup, simmered low and slow with a smoky ham hock, is definitely on the list of delicious things to serve throughout soup season. If you would like to make your soup a bit creamier, then mash some of the beans with a potato masher or fork against the inside of the pot. You can also scoop out a small portion and run it through a blender and then return back to the pot. If you don’t have navy beans on hand you may certainly other types of beans. Cannellini, baby lima, Great Northern are also good beans to swap out. If you would like to make this a vegetarian soup then replace the ham with a Parmesan cheese rind, replace chicken stock with vegetable stock, and increase the carrots and celery. You may also add additional vegetables like celery root and parsnips.

Garden Gazpacho

August 24, 2021

This vibrant gazpacho showcases organic summer produce by using ripe, seasonal heritage tomatoes. Garden Gazpacho is wonderful enjoyed outside as part of a picnic or to begin an alfresco dinner party. I like to use a mixture of red, yellow and orange tomatoes of different shapes and sizes to capture as many flavors as possible.

Turkey Barley Soup

February 1, 2021

We’re having a blizzard here in the Northeast and I can’t think of a better thing to do than make soup. This recipe makes a pretty large batch of soup. You can freeze leftovers to have for lunches later.

Broccoli Soup With Croutons

January 5, 2021

This comfort classic gets a lighter spin, making it easier to keep up with eating healthier. Every part of the broccoli goes into this vegan soup along with homemade croutons that add a definite crunch. Serve for lunch or as a light dinner.

Vegetarian Red Lentil Chili

January 4, 2021

Whip up a batch of nutritious chili made with simple ingredients. Made with lentils, beans, and jalapeños this delicious chili is perfect for cold nights or a weeks’ worth of lunches.

Zuppa Toscana

November 6, 2020

Oh, my goodness talk about comfort food at its best! Loaded with sausage, bacon, potatoes, and kale, it’s so delicious and filling that you and your family will want this classic Zuppa Toscana soup often and you’ll be happy to have leftovers. Serve with crusty Italian bread.

Pumpkin, Kale & Chicken Noodle Soup

September 29, 2020

The weather is changing and this is when I like to start making soups. I always make sure to make enough for leftovers that are excellent for the next day’s lunch. I like using a short pasta for this soup, but you may use whatever you have on hand.

Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho

August 13, 2020

When it’s hot outside and I have tomatoes on the counter then I know it is gazpacho time. I added watermelon because I wanted my gazpacho to be a bit sweeter. Oh, so pretty and so delicious. Garnish with chopped avocado or diced cucumbers.

Cucumber Gazpacho

June 11, 2020

With warmer days ahead, I like to eat flavorful chilled soups. This gazpacho is a creamy bowl of balanced flavors that is sure to satisfy.

Turkey Cabbage Soup

May 6, 2020

The rice is left out of this cabbage soup, but you can add it back in if you like. Feel free to customize this recipe to your taste and the good news is that it freezes well.

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