Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho

August 13, 2020

When it’s hot outside and I have tomatoes on the counter then I know it is gazpacho time. I added watermelon because I wanted my gazpacho to be a bit sweeter. Oh, so pretty and so delicious. Garnish with chopped avocado or diced cucumbers.

Cucumber Gazpacho

June 11, 2020

With warmer days ahead, I like to eat flavorful chilled soups. This gazpacho is a creamy bowl of balanced flavors that is sure to satisfy.

Turkey Cabbage Soup

May 6, 2020

The rice is left out of this cabbage soup, but you can add it back in if you like. Feel free to customize this recipe to your taste and the good news is that it freezes well.

Asparagus Leek Soup

April 15, 2020

Leek soup gets a spring upgrade with asparagus.

Spring Pea Soup With Garlic Croutons

April 8, 2020

This bright green soup showcases the flavor of peas, mint, and garlic homemade croutons.

Guinness French Onion Soup

March 10, 2020

Add an Irish flavor to a classic comfort soup.

Tomato Tortellini Soup

January 22, 2020

Make sure to serve this delicious soup with plenty of crusty bread.

Moroccan Meatball Soup

January 21, 2020

An excellent hearty soup for cold winter nights.

Nourishing Chicken Soup

January 15, 2020

Nurturing yourself or a loved one by making a pot of chicken soup and the ritual involved could bear no stronger a symbol of love.

Coconut Lemongrass Chicken Soup

January 24, 2019

Tiny New York Kitchen’s take on a traditional Thai soup. Don’t forget the lime squeeze finish. It will set this soup apart!

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