Victoria's Iced Coffee

Victoria’s Iced Coffee

Victoria's Iced Coffee

It’s going to be another scorching hot day today. Forget going to an overpriced coffee place and cool off by making yourself a tall glass of iced coffee.


8 Ounces Brewed Coffee

4 Coffee Ice Cubes (Optional)



To make iced coffee it is a good idea to use twice the usual amount of ground coffee, when brewing, because the coffee will get diluted by the melting ice cubes.  Or to avoid diluting you could make your own coffee ice cubes by pouring cooled coffee into your ice cube trays and freezing.  If you do use the coffee ice cubes then you could regular strength brewed coffee. Pour the coffee into a tall glass. As you would with your regular hot coffee add milk and sugar.  Stir and sip until your heart’s content.  Stay cool today.  Serves 1

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