Beer Marinated Chicken Cutlets

Chicken CutletsBeer Marinated Chicken Cutlets

I’m a big fan of marinating meats.  I marinate a lot of my meats in beer.  All you need is a bottle of your favorite beer and a little planning ahead.


1 Bottle of Beer

8 Ounces Italian Bread Crumbs

8 Pieces of Skinless Chicken  (About 2 Pounds)

2 Beaten Eggs

1 Cup Flour

6 Ounces Olive Oil

6 Tablespoons Grated Romano Cheese

Garnish With Chopped Parsley

Marinate the chicken overnight in a ziplock bag filled with your favorite beer. Remove the chicken from the beer when you are ready to cook. You will need 3 separate bowls.  One for the bread crumbs; one for the beaten eggs; one for the flour.  Dredge the chicken in the flour first.  Next in the beaten eggs and then thoroughly coat with the bread crumbs.  Place the olive oil in a large size fry pan.  Fry the chicken for 5 to 7 minutes per side.  Remove from the pan and place on paper towels to drain the excess oil.  Transfer to a serving platter and sprinkle with the Romano cheese and garnish with  chopped parsley. Serves 4


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