Winter Vegetable Soup

Winter Vegetable Soup

A few years ago I was in England during a chilly spring. I hadn’t packed enough warm clothes and was freezing until I could purchase enough warm clothing to keep the chill away. I was staying in the Cotswolds and decided to take a drive to see Stonehenge. After looking around and wondering, “how did they do that and who they was” I realized that I was famished and pretty chilly. There was a rickety food truck outside in the Stonehenge parking lot that sold only one thing…Stonehenge Soup. I was so hungry and so cold that I purchased a big cardboard bowl of it and was given a flimsy plastic spoon and a paper napkin that was the size and consistency of what one would get at the ice cream parlor. I eagerly took a bite and quickly realized that this was the WORST soup I had ever had in my life. The vegetables looked like they were chopped with an arrowhead and the giant hunks of stew meat were tougher than shoe leather. The broth was pretty much just water. The funny thing is that the soup was so bad, but I was so hungry and cold that I ate every bit of it. I kept thinking to myself, “how can I be enjoying such a horrid soup?” I’ll never forget the Stonehenge Soup experience and sometimes think I may go back just to see if they’re still selling it.

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