Tips For Making The Most Of Apples

Apples 2


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Apples 2

Tips For Making The Most Of Apples

Honeycrisp, Gala, Fuji equals an apple a day in so many ways!  Here are a few tips to make the most out of apple season.

Slice Them: Couple sliced apples with cheddar cheese for sandwiches or quesadillas.

Dice Them: Add diced Fujis to salads and slaws, fold Gala apples into muffin and bread batter or sprinkle Honeycrisps over rice blends. 

Puree Them: Simple to make, apple sauce and apple butter pair with breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. 

Stew Them: Make a tasty topping for waffles and pancakes or stir them into your yogurt or oatmeal. 

Stuff Them: Bake filled with cranberries and almonds or whatever creative ingredients you can come up with. 

Dry Them: Apple chips make a delicious after-school or after-work snack. 




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