Pomodoro Sauce

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If you’ve got an upcoming bumper crop of tomatoes consider making your own Pomodoro Sauce. Please, please, please don’t add sugar to this sauce because it tastes better without it in my not-so humble opinion.

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Italian Oven-Dried Tomatoes

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Tomato harvest is upon us and you may want to consider drying some of your lovely tomatoes for future use. Soft, oven-dried tomatoes are delicious with greens and fresh mozzarella.

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Nebraska Girl Peanut Butter Bars

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Tomorrow I’m going on a picnic in the Hudson Valley. I thought that I might take along my Peanut Butter Bars, as bars are typically good travelers. Plus, they’re no-bake and super easy to make.

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Cucumber Facial Mask

4.5 of 5 2 Treatments

For years I’ve been making my own body lotions and facial masks. What could be more cooling than crisp, delicious cucumbers? With 95% water content, cucumbers are hydrating and supply rejuvenating benefits for the body, inside and out.

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Grilled Eggplant Kebabs

5 of 5 10 Minutes 6 Kebabs

Tiny New York Kitchen’s vegetarian twist on a Greek favorite. Eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini are marinated and then grilled to perfection.

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Muddy Boots Coffee Ice Cream

3.7 of 5 1 Quart

When I found out that my favorite commercial “artisan” coffee ice cream contained corn syrup I threw it out and set to work on creating my own homemade version. I have to say that my Muddy Boots Coffee Ice Cream surpasses any that I’ve taken home from the grocery freezer. So…get your caffeine fix, coffee fix, and ice cream fix all in one whether you take it in a bowl or a cone by making Muddy Boots Coffee Ice Cream!

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Cantaloupe & Prosecco Sorbet

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This recipe calls for cantaloupe, but any melon will blend deliciously with prosecco for a colorful special-occasion sorbet.

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Lobster Steamed In Vodka

4 of 5 19 Minutes 4 Steamed Lobsters

Of course you may steam your lobsters in plain water, but the vodka gives a nice subtle flavor and provides a sauce.

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Plum Peach Sorbet

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I’ve been having so much fun playing around with my ice cream maker and experimenting with different recipes. What to do with all of those plums? Make sorbet with them. I love this recipe.

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Grilled Barbecue Pork & Plum Kabobs

5 of 5 10 Minutes 8 Kabobs

Sweet and gently spicy, these quick pork and plum kabobs are basted with thick barbecue sauce for a simple and delicious crust.

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