Classic Red Beans & Rice

0 of 5 55 Minutes

This recipe is excellent for weeknights, weekends or if you’re having a casual party. I think it’s best to use dried beans rather than canned beans.

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Creamy Dill Dip

0 of 5 1 Cup

Chunks of hearty bread are wonderful with this cool and creamy party dip. Vegetables also make delicious dippers. Try an assortment such as cherry tomatoes, whole mushrooms, carrot and celery sticks, broccoli and cauliflower florets, and zucchini slices. This dip also goes well with grilled shrimp. Dip may be stored in a covered container refrigerated […]

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Saucy Pork Ribs

0 of 5 145 Minutes

The Super Bowl is almost here. If you’re looking for easy dishes to serve then think about making my Saucy Pork Ribs. They’re also great for weeknight or weekend dinners as well. You could make these in a slow cooker if you wanted to.

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Seven Layer Bars

0 of 5 25 Minutes 30 Bars

Seven layer bars, also called Magic Bars, are a perfect “one pan” quickie dessert for home or if you’re taking a dessert to a party. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make these little gems before. Just remember to let them cool completely so that they don’t fall apart on you when you cut them.

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Ham, Bean & Pasta Soup

0 of 5 47 Minutes

This is the perfect soup for a winter meal. I like to make it on the weekend and either have it for lunch or a quick dinner before heading out to a movie.

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Oatmeal Vanilla Pancakes

0 of 5 15 Minutes 4 to 6 Pancakes

Put some goodness into your pancakes this weekend. Your morning crew will flip over them!

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Slow Cooker Bolognese

0 of 5 377 Minutes

Most of us are busy and really don’t have lots of time to cook. A slow cooker is perfect for Bolognese sauce. When you get home from a long day all you need to do is boil the pasta of your choice. If you have leftover sauce then by all means freeze it for another […]

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Tagliatelle With Mushroom Sauce

0 of 5 25 Minutes

The combination of dried porcini and fresh shiitake mushrooms gives this sauce a rich and earthy flavor.  If you would like to make this pasta dish vegetarian then make sure to use vegetable broth in place of chicken broth.

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Chicken & Spinach Wraps

0 of 5 6 Wraps

Use leftover chicken for lunch wraps or look for plain rotisserie chicken in the deli section of your supermarket. 

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Ricotta Gnocchi

0 of 5 4 Minutes

I learned how to make gnocchi in Rome last year. It’s really not that difficult, but I will warn you that it is a bit time consuming. In Rome I used a special gnocchi paddle, but a fork works just as well in my book.

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